This Fair City


Hey all. Long time no talky. Just a heads up we'll be participating in the 2017 Rigsketball Tournament beginning at PDX Pop Now!

See details here and


Local Portland show this Friday.  Cure your St. Paddy's Day hangover with us!


Hallo dudes and dudettes.  Just a reminder that we're not dead yet.  We actually have a show with our good friends Stariana at Black Forest in Eugene, OR on 2/20/16.  Can't wait to hangout with all of our Eugene friends!

Get your info here.



Well, it's nearly the end of the year.  May as well fit a show in here, and it is going to be an excellent one!



Kelly's Olympian

Old Junior

Hot Won't Quit

This Fair City

8pm $5 21+

Old Junior, Hot Won't Quit, This Fair City at Kell'y Olympian

We would love to see you!


Long time no talk!  Hey we're playing this in Eugene soon.  Please come say hello if you would!


It's out it's out, hooray, hazzah! Thanks to all who made the new release possible! We love you!
Pick it up at these places if you like:
FROM US DIRECTLY: (physical disc available)

Google Music

Also, we have the album release show happening June 27th at Ash St. Saloon in Portland, OR with RILLA, Ken Riffey Jr, and our excellent friends Black Magdalene.  Hope to see you there!


We're inching closer to the release of this thing.  If you like, please go pre-order.  You'll receive two of the tracks immediately, then the rest of the release on May 5th.  Enjoy and thank you!



Another track off of the new album.  Pre-order now at:

See our Video page to have a listen.




Pre-order now on BandCamp  

See our Video page to have a listen.




Happy New Year!  Merry Holidays!  Hope all had a very excellent time during the madness that can be the holiday season.  We here at TFC Inc. took a slight vacation but now we're back... with a show!  Come out and see us at the Jade Lounge in wonderful Portland, Oregon on January 22nd for a special acoustic set.  Joining us will be Lord Pennington and Joseph Fisher.  The good times begin at 7pm, it's FREE but you'll have to leave the kiddos at home.  Take a gander at details here: This Fair City at the Jade Lounge 

We're also planning a spring release for our full length album Ebb/Flow and of course we'll keep you up to date with all that jazz and such.

Until next time, thanks for listening!  See you on the 22nd!


Hey, we're Instagramming now.  Check it out if you like!  Here are other social things like our Twitter thing, BandCamp, and our FaceSpace thing.  Hope to see you guys tonight!  


This Wednesday November 19th, we have the pleasure of opening for the John Black Band's album release show.  We'd of course love to see you there!


We have what may likely be our final show of 2014 coming up.  Wednesday (GASP!) November 19th we'll be at Kelly's Olympian to open The John Black Band's record release show.  Closing out the night will be Casta, spinning some wax I believe.  8:30pm $5 21+

Also, the record is close to finished. Mastering just came back a for the second round of listening and it is sounding excellent, but we're biased of course.  Record due out early 2015 peoples.  We, for one, can not wait.



Upcoming show announcement soon plus, the record is recorded and is in mastering.  More regarding that later.  Enjoy these cliff hangers?


We recently sat and chatted with Andy & Drew of The Haute Garbage Podcast discussing music, child birth, and other things of that nature.  Take a gander on iTunes or on their page: Haute Garbage.


SHOW ALERT!!!  This Friday!  It's free.  Check it:



Holy Barn Party Batman!  What a wild and crazy time that was.  We're still a bit woozy from the boozey... I mean um... juice.  Anyway, had a blast and everyone who came and was involved was as awesome as awesome could be.

By the way, we released a little EP just in time for the Barn Party.  We'll have some available at our next show, this Saturday at the ol' Ash St. Saloon here in Downtown Portland, Oregon.  You can get it now if you like though.



Oi!  Come on out to The Tillicum Thursday night to cheer for us whist we battle bands.  You can cheer for the other bands as well because they're excellent.  So really, just come and cheer.  Checkout LIVE for details.  Also, don't forget about the Barn Party II festival happening August 23rd.  Info here:  Barn Party Outdoor Concert In Molalla Oregon @ The Beautiful C'est La Vie 



SHOWS SHOWS SHOWS!!!  Hit LIVE and see where we're bringing our beautiful shenanigans. 


Recording tomorrow and shows are approaching.  More information to come!  Go listen to stuff:


Hello.  We were just added to this 10 band festival out in the wilds of Oregon in Molalla.  Here's the details.

Saturday - August 23rd - 2014.

Come join us for the 2nd annual - Dust Bowl Record's - "2014 Barn Party II."  An event that will be featured at one of the newest local venues, C’est La Vie, in the beautiful community of Molalla.  

The 2014 Barn Party II will showcase some of the best local bands.  This year's line up includes:  Sawtell, Samsel and the Skirt, The Vandies, The Sideshow, This Fair City, Manic Messenger, Demure, Harken, My Friend Id, Crush, and the local Barn Party Host & Legend, Kyle TenEyck.  

*This is an All Ages Event- w/ 21+ beer garden*  

Also featuring optional VIP tickets to an exclusive SINFIRE VIP area, which includes:  limited open bar, cool swag, one-on-one face time with the bands, and open seating with a great view of the show. VIP is for 21+ only guests with valid ID.

Location:  Ce'st La Vie - 180 Industrial Way, Molalla OR.  Time:  Gates open @ 12PM  

Send us a message to purchase tickets, or head over to




Hello hello! We made a little slideshow video for our song Again.

Take a gander!


After a nice run of shows we're getting into the nitty gritty of our record. We're fairly close to having it finished, but we could use your help. Kind of on the fence about the whole crowd-funding thing, but this may be the only way we're able to get this thing done and get it out to you, then come play your town.

What do you think? Would you back us if we headed in that direction to get this thing finished? Let us know.



Today is a day, but we're looking forward to an upcoming fantastic day.  Checkout the details in this informational image!



Coming at you this Saturday, February 1st.  Playing with dear friends Black Magdalene & Analog Mistress.  Sweet!





Couple of shows are coming up, and fast and how! 

This Friday, January 24th at The Electric Bean in Longview, Wa

Saturday, February 1st at Ash Street Saloon with our good buddies Black Magdalene and Analog Mistress.

Saturday, March 8th at The Alberta Street Pub with Sawtell, The Sorry Devils, and SF's own Cuban Cigar Crisis.

Checkout the LIVE page for more info.  Can't wait to see you there!


Happy belated New Year!  Making many plans for this year.  We'll have not one but TWO new releases this year, and will hopefully be stopping by a town near you!  This is the year!  We'll see you tomorrow at Slabtown here in Portland, OR.



Great past couple of weekends.  Still working through the recording, & we had a lovely show on Saturday.  One more show before the end of the year.  Hope to see you December 28th at Ash St. Saloon in Portland, OR.




Well, the holidays are officially upon us.  Stay safe out there!  Remember to check us out after you've digested this Saturday.

Sat Nov 30th at Tiger Bar



We're pretty busy through the end of the year with shows and recording. 2014 brings more shows, likely more recording, and a new record perhaps?

Here are the upcoming performances for 2013. Come have a beer with us!

Fri Nov 22nd at Torta-landia

Sat Nov 30th at Tiger Bar

Sat Dec 28th at Ash Street Venue




Our little trip to the Willamette Valley just became slightly extended.  We're hitting Bombs Away in Corvallis Oct. 18th, then Oak Street Speakeasy in Eugene Oct. 19th.  Check it out.

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First show in Corvallis coming up.  Check us out Beavers.

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Show show show.


Eugene was amazing.  Love you all.  Announcements coming soon.  Stay tuned!


Playing Eugene on Saturday with our good friends Black Magdalene & Egotones.  Super eclectic show.  Come on out!


More recording has been done.  There are a few previews on the player to your right that are close to being finished.  The songs are Lazarus and This is the Way We Begin.  Check out their unmixed and unmastered goodness.  More recording occurring next month.  we're attempting to get some shows set up for this Summer as well.  Keep you posted - Jason Charles Franklin


Hey all!  Just a bit of an update.  We're still in the midst of recording our new record, due out later this year.  We also posted a new song, Lazarus.  It was record on the third or fourth take, in my Son's room, on my phone.  Enjoy it on the player to your right. - Jason Charles Franklin